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  • I have recently bought the Frontier X2. Can anyone please tell me what causes the signal to be noisy or not interpretable, as I have found very little information on the subject on the Fourth Frontier website.

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    • If you haven’t tried moistening the strap, body hair could possibly interrupt connection.

    • Yes, I recently also got an X2, and am wondering about the noise. I tightened the strap and that seems to help but hate having it so tight. I wonder if there is some conductive gel that could be used to improve contact??

      • I’ve tried personal lube and ultrasound gel. Both dry out fast. If you can go hard enough to sweat is best I find.

    • Body oils will accumulate on the strap over time and adversely impact signal quality. It is a good practice to clean the strap electrodes with an isopropyl alcohol wipe prior to every use. Search Amazon for Spectra 360 electrode gel – works great and is very inexpensive.

    • Experiment with a live ECG, you’ll notice clothing rustling agains the unit; arm movements; turning over in bed & general movement causes noise; which is a little odd, since people will be monitoring exercise WITH movements!?
      Try it & you’ll see what I mean, although it works very well on cycling.