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  • Can anyone tell exactly what ECG abnormalities the Frontier X2 is capable of detecting?

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  • Thanks to Jayadev for his great support.
    My FRONTIER X2 gives great ECG’s even whilst wearing merino wool which is high in static!
    I also have no need to use heart monitor contact gel or anti static spray.
    Thanks to the team.

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  • Is there a reference for understanding normal or acceptable parameters for percentage of “Other” readings on the EKG pie chart? While at rest or sleeping greater than 99% is Normal. When exercising, however, only about 75% is Normal with the remainder usually Other or a combination of Other and Noisy.

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  • If you have a pacemaker implant is the HRV reading of any value?

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    • Absolutely. I use it all the time and have used it to tell the device clinic how to program the pacemaker parameters. I know of at least one other person who does this. In fact, the data you collect is far more complete that what your medical team can collect; they only see a snapshot of how your pacemaker is performing, and specifically, not when…Read More

  • Hello! Could you explain to me the meaning of negative level of QRS wave in the second graph? Could it be a signal error? Thanks!

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