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  • I want to send my HR reading to my Garmin watch during an activity. How can I do that. This is supported by other HR m I have.

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  • Is it safe to sleep with it on over night for my body?

    • Pretty sure it’s fine I have slept with mine and have seen a few reviews where the user has slept with the monitor on

    • If your question is, indeed, serious, the forum moderator needs to reply to you confidentially. For the record, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever in wearing the monitor at night, or at any other time. Hank

    • I have, about half a dozen times. One of the reasons I bought to monitor ECG overnight. Sometimes aware of it. Pretty robust, bu still, wouldnt want to crack the screen.

  • What is body shock on the monitor?

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  • Might indications/evidence of a TIA be present in an activity recording, if so, how would it present?

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  • What does other rhythm mean? Is it abnormal ? Thanks

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    • You want to be mainly in the Normal rhythm (blue). Scientific name is Sinus. Arrythmias can include tachycardia and others. I try and stay in the 90% blue during daily routines. Exertion and exercise will push the heart rate up thus causing ‘other’ rythmnsThe arrythmia you want to avoid is atrial fibrillation which can cause a stroke. If you are…Read More

      • Mine is never at 90%. I have ectopic beats about 1 ever 20 sec episode that it measures as an “other” and this shows up a lot of “Other” percentages. It is not AF. GP happy ectopics not causing me any issies but I like to monitor anyway.

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