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    2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hi all,Ive just bought the X2 and have been really impressed so far,So im a long distance runner for a very long time,I have a heart condition already,and have a CABGX2,I suufer from Bradycardia,and only have Stage 1 Av Heart Block,Lately Ive been suffering from Palpatations,I already have a loop recorder fitted and thought that there might have been interfernece but the traces seem fine.Ive actually carried out a trace and have noticed some differences to my normal pattern,would these just be PVC’s?

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    • This is not a medical device. Believe pacs and PVC’s and couplets. I had everything after my cabg. I actually died in hospital. I was resuscitated. I had cabg x4. 2 failed blocked and now have bradycardia with first av block. When sleeping with it I noticed you have around 60 bpm, but I guess u have some drops in there that are lower, I did not check everywhere. I have all you have and maybe more. If in any doubt check in with cardiologist.